The Newsletter of Big Blue and Cousins: The Greater Victoria PC Users' Association—Web Edition
Volume: 22 Number: 8, October 2005

Big Blue and Cousins

Members News

by Mary Davie


i everyone. Well, fall is surely here and the fall classes have already started at Big Blue. We have had a few new members since our last newsletter and we would like to welcome Marilyn Kraft, Ethel Scott, Gabriel Demers, David Scott, Eli Mandel, Adolf Pascual and Ken Leighton. We hope you will enjoy the activities and people in our computer club.

Good news! SICAN has renewed our Community Access Program (CAP) for another year. If you know of anyone who needs access to a computer do let them know that we can accommodate them in CAP hours.

It seems like a good time was had by about 30 people at the Club picnic at French Beach recently. Three teams played three rounds of “Survivor” and the winner’s photo is displayed here. The hot dogs were good and there were lots and lots of desserts. There was good company and I am told there were no fights! I should hope not.

Stacey Falconer has gone to Calgary, from whence he is editing this newsletter. We will miss him at the Club while he is gone. Speaking of people who have gone, I hope everyone is reading the letters from Randy Edson on our website. They are always so interesting and give us a glimpse into the life of our navy at sea.

If you see Debbie Price at the Clubhouse and haven’t already heard the story, ask her about her F(ound)O(on)R(oad)D(isabled) or FORD and her “Sleepless in Seattle” experience!

On Sunday, September 18 a group of digital camera enthusiasts visited William Head prison under the auspices of Dave Hamer. It was a glorious day, even inside the razor wire fences, and we had some great pictures to take and saw some interesting work being done by the inmates. Some of the art work was very inspirational. The stained glass windows in the prison chapel were lovely and the Chinese immigrant cemetery (in a previous time this site was the immigration drop off for Chinese coming to work on the railroad) was a poignant reminder of the past. Thanks Dave, for an interesting experience of another aspect of Canadian life.

Happy Thanksgiving

Mary Davie

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